Evella Creations comes from a combination of my Mother and Grandmother's names - Evelyn & Marcella. The women I received my creativity bug from.

Thank you for stopping by my online store. I started making custom tumblers as a mental health outlet and found more joy than I ever imagined. By purchasing an item from my store or ordering a custom tumbler, you are not only supporting mental health awareness , you are also allowing me to continue doing what I love. For all of that and more, I appreciate you so very much.

Customizable Tumblers and More

In this collection you will find all inventory we have to make customized items just for you.  

**Customized Tumblers take approximately 2-4 weeks before shipping**

*Please let us know how we can customize your item by adding notes in the "Order special instructions" section of your cart at check out.  You can also email us at evellacreations.outlook.com.   

If you do not see what you are looking for (size or style), contact us at evellacreations@outlook.com and we will do everything we can to earn your business. 


These handles are perfect for all Tumblers from 20oz - 40oz

In this collection you will see several options; however, there are so many other possible color combos. 

If you are interested in a handle and do not see the color combo you desire, please email us at evellacreations@outlook.com and let us know the colors you are looking for.  We will work together to find you the perfect color combo handle.  


Items for your Home or Office

LOOK WHAT I CAN DO: NOT FOR SALE. These are Custom Order Tumblers that I've made for Customers. -See something you like, note the design in the notes section of your cart.

 If you see somthing you like, we can replicate it for you; however please note that no two cups are ever the same.

If you should see something you do like, maybe the same "style" with your changes; please note the cup name in the notes section at checkout.

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